How much does SEO really cost?

By Raven Web Services on July 5, 2018

Recently the results of some brilliant research conducted by the clever people at Ahrefs was published on their blog and it painted a pretty clear picture of what SEO actually costs in 2018. To help everyone we know better understand the costs of search engine optimization in this day and age we will give a summary of the article here and for those of you looking for the full details we also provide the source article at the end of our summary.

The Research

This data was collected through a survey of 350 Agencies, Consultants, and Freelancers in the SEO industry and Ahrefs manually reviewed every submission to remove duplicates, spam and anonymous submissions. They also promoted beyond their own audience (they have a large following in the SEO industry already), so they definitely reached a broad range of SEOs with this survey. The results provided insight related to hourly rates, monthly retainer rates and per-project fees.

Key Findings

This information should give anyone seeking SEO services a strong idea of what to expect as far as costs go but for anyone looking to get the finer details of the survey are encourage to check out the original article on the Ahrefs Blog.

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